How to know if business level broadband and VOIP solutions are available in your area

How to know if business level broadband and VOIP solutions are available in your area

Even with restrictions beginning to ease, many businesses have continued to work from home. With operations continuing outside an office setting for the foreseeable future, we are seeing a sizeable shift in what programs and software businesses are using to keep their employees connected to their team, and most importantly, their customers.  This can be a challenge for businesses that rely on phone communications to connect with customers, and even communicate inter-office when parts of teams are remote.

Having multiple phone lines distributed or twinned to other devices can be a challenge for IT departments, especially those in smaller businesses. A potential solution? Cloud based voice over IP services. In a situation where your employees are dispersed, this VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) platform can help provide quality voice services, and lower the maintenance needed by an IT department. VoIP allows you the ability to move lines to a new location with just the click of a mouse. Many of these systems also include a variety of team collaboration features that can be used in conjunction with your operating and office systems.  VOIP solutions are generally available nationwide and are selected by customers based on features needed vs. areas available.  You will want to look at integration with your existing environment, as an example TEAMs integration with Microsoft as well as cost per seat.  Once you’ve determined that this is the right service for your business, we can help you  find the best options.

Next, analyze your communication and bandwidth needs in a new way – via a marketplace.  In the old days you would have to determine who the local and national business internet service providers were in your area. Then, begin to solicit bids making sure that installation charges, monthly expense’s, and expansion costs were included to pick what was best for you.  Well now you don’t have to do all the leg work, you can simply select what you need from a convenient customer centric marketplace on wiresurfer.com making complex technology simple to buy. Simply select the service needed and see what’s available in your area with prices immediately. No hassle, no struggle, and no endless calls to find the right deal for your business.  Simply click, order and go!