Understanding the key features on business level broadband and VOIP solutions

Understanding the key features on business level broadband and VOIP solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the wide range of technology that use the internet to make and receive phone calls.  With the use of VoIP, you get a multi-function, powerful business tool that comes at a lower cost than other phone services. It’s also packed with additional features. With so many companies offering VoIP, many may have different features, and finding the company that has the features you need is important. With so many options to choose from, making sure you have some key features is important.

For one, Advanced Call Management is something you want to make sure your VoIP has. It helps you prioritize, hold, route, and even block incoming calls. It can not only ease front desk operations, but can help reduce customer frustration. Call Routing is another to make sure you have. Call Routing is what directs your incoming calls. You can organize it by employee, customer type, staff availability and so much more. Sometimes, not all calls are worth taking. You don’t want solicitation calls or other unneeded calls to keep you from being able to help real customers.

Anonymous call rejection helps ensure that your employees are able to help customers by blocking any calls that show up as anonymous or blocked in caller ID. Another interesting feature is business Text Messaging. Some people prefer a text over a call these days, and VoIP can provide the ability to send SMS messages to your customers.

Another key function of VoIP is Call Analytics. Having the right customer insight can help transform your business and keep it successful. Because VoIP runs on many different devices, it can record and process all sorts of real-time data. This includes call session metrics, behavioral trends, individual agent performance, and other data that is useful for your business, without spending hours analyzing data and collecting it on your own.

With so many other incredible features offered by various VoIP services, ensuring not only that you are getting the right features for your business, but also understanding these features, will help drive your business to increased success.  Need help selecting your best VOIP solution, visit www.wiresurfer.com today

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