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Internet for Business: Updated Top Deals

With remote work quickly becoming the norm, keeping your team connected is vital. Your company’s revenue and growth shouldn’t be affected by a slow or faulty internet connectivity.

Many SMBs spend up to three days searching among various telecom provider websites and calling them one by one to see which will work best for their business. This process, however, can be made much simpler.

At Wiresurfer, we offer you a marketplace where you can easily search, compare and contract the best plans available for your area, all in one place.

You won’t need to spend hours or days trying to figure out what the best internet plan for your business is. We’ll help you empower your business with top quality, daily updated internet plans.

Having a fast, reliable network connection will guarantee that you and your team will be able to work productively and avoid any unnecessary setbacks.

The best way to do it is through contracting the right internet option for your business on our Wiresurfer platform, where you can find a wide variety of top U.S. carrier plans.

What are the Benefits of our Business Internet Services?

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We work with top U.S. internet carriers that guarantee the best internet services to fit your business needs.

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With our agile Broadband Calculator, get a top selection of our plans tailored to your particular business needs.

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Search, compare and contract the best internet plans, all in one place.

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Our Wiresurfer Expert Agents are readily available to solve any doubts and to help you find the internet plan your business needs.

Not sure what type of internet plan your business needs?

Determining the right amount of bandwidth for your business depends on factors such as:

of employees

Videoconferencing and
VoIP use frequency

Cloud service
use frequency

Speed or
price priority

Find out which plans suit your business internet requirements best with our Bandwidth Calculator!

Why search for business internet on our unique marketplace?

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You might be wondering how a telecom marketplace functions and what the plus side of using one to find internet for business is. The answer is simple.

As our CEO, Jeff Kaufman explains, his ‘eureka’ moment for creating this platform emerged after analyzing some of the most recurring problems in the telecom contracting process:

“One is that there is no one place to source all carrier offers, promotions and deals; two, many customers are predisposed to go to the Web to look for solutions or services; three, many customers may not realize there is a provider… in their geographic area that will meet their needs”

Jeff Kaufman, Co-founder & CEO

Wiresurfer enters as an agile solution to these problems.

Easily search and compare among a variety of reliable and experienced small business Internet providers that suit your company’s connectivity requirements.

Plus, after you’ve found the plan you want, you can contract your service directly on our platform, saving you an extra step in the process ;).

Read more on how to know if business level broadband is available in your area on our blog entries here.

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Our agile small business internet contracting process

Find all the telecom options available for your location.

Compare internet and business voice offers.

One of our Wiresurfer expert agents will help you complete the contracting process..

You’ll receive an order confirmation and simple installation instructions.

You’re all set! Follow these simple steps and enjoy your new stable internet service.

Our agile small business internet contracting process

Follow these steps to get the best business internet bundles in your area. If you’d like to see a more hands-on explanation of our process, check out our “How it works” video below.

Dive deeper into the small business phone and internet service world

Join this unique space, focused on enriching the lives of entrepreneurs who are in search of better understanding the telecom industry. You’ll learn more about the services we offer as well as how they can potentiate the growth of small B2B-centered businesses. We’ll also share a bit about the story behind our initiative and how it all got started.

FAQs - All You Should Know About Business Internet Services

We know the telecom industry is full of technical terms that can be confusing at times. Our practical FAQ section will help you solve any doubts and confusion you might have when it comes to the best internet services for your business.

Find easy-to-understand answers to commonly asked questions here.

For businesses handling file uploads and downloads, digital collaboration, and most types of video communication, cable internet is the best option. This service is a reliable choice for most companies, and its high-end speed is comparable to fiber internet. Many carriers also offer cable internet bundles with telephone services, as well.

Internet connections which are specifically dedicated to carrying out business activities are referred to as business internet. This type of internet usually implies faster download and upload speeds, guaranteed quality services, a sturdy customer service department, and a greater amount of features than consumer internet services.