Should we stay at home or should we go back to the office?

These have been unpredictable and inexplicable years. From one moment to another all our work, knowledge, and social life were reduced to our screens and the Internet. The sudden arrival of the pandemic meant that we had to remain at home for long months working and building a financial legacy. And although much in the world stopped, we couldn’t stop working, so teleworking became our only ally to get ahead without giving up.


Now that everything seems to be back on track, many companies want their workers to return to the office, while others have discovered that if their workers stayed home, production methods would increase. 


Today Wiresurfer would like to outline the advantages to your business of having your workers return to the office as well as the advantages of your workers deciding to remain at home.

In this article you will find information about the following aspects:

The Best Aspects
of Working at Home.

The Best Aspects for working at home

The home office experience was definitely an option during the trying times the world experienced starting in 2020. However, we had no idea how to deal with this sudden new lifestyle. Routine became mandatory and we saw friends and family, did our work, and were entertained exclusively on a screen. During mandatory isolation, the Internet became an indisputable basic necessity. As time went on, we dreamed of the moment when we could all breathe freely with friends and coworkers again and resume work as we had previously known it.


As days turned into months and then into years, we found ourselves becoming increasingly comfortable working from home. Returning to the office became unnecessary and we realized we could better manage our time working from home. However, now that everything else is open and back to normal and businesses are opening their doors again, let’s examine some relevant arguments for staying at home.

PROS of working at home:

Below are some the arguments in favor of working at home:

Why sometimes the home office is not a sweet dream:

However, like everything else, there is also a not-so-harmonious side of working at home, and millions of individuals who had been forced to work at home left their housebound lifestyle as soon as they had the opportunity.

Anxiety. Many people report increased anxiety after spending more than a week without being able to leave the house, especially those with jobs involving a high emotional demand, such as call centers, customer service, or social media management.


Panic. Although many of us quietly share our house with family or friends, everything can become frenzied when everyone has to make calls, take meetings, write reports, and accomplish other tasks related to work or study that require silence from others in a reduced space. For instance, say you live with your partner and you both have to give a presentation at the same time in the tiny apartment you share with your children and pets. Everyone in your makeshift office is talking and your dog starts barking and you have to work magic to control the noise level to speak with your colleagues online. Understandably, panic ensues.


Loneliness. During the pandemic, many people were forced to live alone or cooped up with family for over a year, dealing as best they could with their stressful isolation. It’s okay to be alone for a couple of weeks—but for months and years on end? The challenges to one’s emotional and mental health are daunting, and the physical and psychological effects can be insidious

Now let's move on to the other side
of our coin: Back to the office.

Now let’s move on to the other side of our coin: Back to our office.

Finally! After two years of uncertainty and isolation, we return again to the life we ​​knew and understood: to our routine of meeting arrival times, to going out to buy our morning coffee, and to breathing air in spaces other than our home office.


And frankly we all know that we often concentrate much better in the office than at home, and that it’s easier for many of us to work as a team, with our coworkers within easy reach. We also know that we enjoy being in a space away from home, doing what we enjoy and interacting and learning from others, all the while supporting our economy and that of our company. Clearly everyone in the workplace is a winner!


Having a schedule and being paid fairly surrounded by the technical team you need can be much more rewarding and productive for some than being at home trying to decide what to have for lunch while in a meeting.


Without further ado, here are our pros and cons of working at the office.


Let’s go back to the office world.

Nothing like having those unique experiences of working as a team, right? Well, working in an office brings you even more than that:.

Mmm, are you sure you want to go back to the office?

Although you remember the good things about working in an office, it’s also a good thing to remind yourself why you might sometimes prefer to work at home:


Going to the office means less time and money for you, since you can spend a great deal of time preparing lunch, buying your coffee, and commuting to your workplace—a far cry from getting up half an hour before starting work at your dining room table!


No more customized workspace. Say goodbye to your favorite music (at your ideal volume), your pets, your plants, and to wearing comfy sweatpants to your kitchen-table online meetings. Remember that in the office there are rules that make it easier for everyone to work together in a standardized and often monochromatic space. Including this one: no sweatpants!


Sedentary lifestyle and weight gain. Did you think this problem would disappear by going back to the office? One thing is certain: working at home, it’s easy to forget to get out of your chair and move around, let alone exercise. Hopefully, you won’t bring these bad habits to the office!

Home vs. Office

Now that you’ve read the pros and cons of working from home or in the office, it’s up to you to choose the option that best suits your needs—as well as your small business Internet plan. The latter can be easily done via the best telecom marketplace: Wiresurfer.com. We are your best choice whenever and wherever you decide to work. We will give you the best possible tools either in the comfort of your home or in the most productive corner of your office. So feel free to choose your best workspace and let us provide you with your best Internet plan!

April 22nd, 2022

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