SMBs’ Digital Strategy to Maintain Brand Reputation

A stout reputation for your business can do wonders for customer retention and foster new leads and customer relationships. Maintaining this reputation begins with providing your customer with a memorable and enjoyable experience while dealing with your organization. The most innovative organizations use the internet and technological advancements to their advantage. The right internet and digital implementation can significantly impact the customer experience you can provide your clients, making or breaking your reputation.

What is customer experience?

You need good customer service to foster a positive customer experience. The customer experience (CX) begins when the customer becomes introduced to your brand and what you offer. It then becomes the total of a customer’s encounters with and impressions of your brand. These takeaways that customers gather culminate in creating your brand reputation – hence the importance of creating a great first impression. But how, you might ask?


Customers talk, whether online or in person. Word-of-mouth marketing is a big way for the word to spread regarding your business. Therefore, you want to create something worth spreading the word about. A solid CX strategy and execution also create loyal customers. Customers’ loyalty to your brand will only grow when you continually impress them. These two things can significantly impact your brand’s reputation in its respective industry.

Integrating the Internet, CX, and your Reputation

With the way of the world, today’s consumers are always online. Data collected by Pew Research Center shows that 85% of Americans go online daily. 31% are online almost constantly, and 48% go online several times daily. This data opens a vast window to integrate your digital experience (DX) with your CX strategy.


An example of this pairing would be establishing an omnichannel solution for customer service management. SMBs can utilize social media, text messaging, and mobile and web chatbots to assist customers throughout their entire encounter with your brand. With such a high volume of internet users daily, this is a massive step in the right direction. What might seem like a simple fix can take your SMB up a notch.


Internet is also there to provide you with data that can propel your CX strategy beyond what it is right now. Data is critical in helping you understand each touchpoint within the customer journey by analyzing the information from previous customer purchases and interactions. This analysis leads to a more personalized approach, increasing positive CX and brand reputation.


You begin at inception to understand how you can better utilize the internet and your organization’s DX to compliment your customers’ experiences and a strong reputation—understanding their journey from start to finish. Channel engagement is a significant portion of utilizing the internet to increase CX. How are customers engaging with your brand? Target them where they are searching for you the most. Introducing personalization into your brand through data analytics is a big boost for reputation – seeing as 80% of customers will purchase from a brand that offers personalization.


At the end of the day, when you implement reliable internet with a robust CX strategy, you are bound to see an overall improvement in how you and your organization interact with customers. Improving the overall process and consistently updating it to match the needs of the consumer will keep your SMB fresh and in the minds of consumers.

September 11th, 2023

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